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Finished putting together the Autumn 2010 issue of Building the Body Quarterly and sent it to the printer yesterday.  The cover was taken 2 weeks before the 1982 London Mr. Olympia by Artie Zeller in Palm Springs — I weighed 205 in the photo. This issue features both outside and inside covers in full color along with some interesting details about two Mr. Olympia competitions 30 years apart.  There has been lots written about the 1980 Mr. Olympia contest and most of it is fabrication.  Here’s my take on it, what actually happened in my eyes and experience.  I’m onstage 30 years later for the Mr. O in Las Vegas but not in posing trunks.

All the Mr. Olympias were honored, it was the 45th anniversary of the Mr. O along with Joe Weider’s 90th birthday party.  There are articles about ‘Should You Deadlift’, ‘How Christine and I are training 5 days a week on a two way split routine’, Success stories of two Zane Experience clients, ‘How feeling higher emotions will help you attain your goals’, How to get in contest shape by eating less empty calorie foods and create more nutrient density with free form amino acids and my Egg White and XYZ proteins.  In a few weeks a full table of contents will be published on my website, watch for it.

More later, FZ.

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