By working with Frank in a Zane Experience Program, you get a rare opportunity to be personally trained by a legendary bodybuilding champion and fitness icon who was named “The Best Physique Ever” by Muscle & Fitness Magazine and came as close as you can to physical perfection.

All of the Zane Experience programs below are held at Frank Zane’s private training studio in the San Diego area.

In his Zane Experience Programs, Frank uses his proprietary L.E.A.R.N. Bodybuilding Equation coupled with his 91 Day Wonder Body Program to provide you with an individually tailored Zane Experience designed to get you in top shape and help you meet your specific body development goals and/or competitive goals.

The longer the program, the more time Frank will spend with you and will dive deeper into the areas that you want to focus on.

These programs include taking your “before” pictures with your own camera or phone. Please bring shorts or bathing suit for your photo.

1 Day Zane Experience

(3 Hours)


2 Day Zane Experience

(6 Hours)


3 Day Zane Experience

(9 Hours)


Personal Consultations With Frank Zane

Consulting virtually with Frank Zane is the next best thing to being there. Imagine having Frank Zane as your coach and mentor!!
So, whether you are a bodybuilder or someone who wants to get in the best shape of your life – this is your chance to be mentored by the best in the sport.

Schedule your consults today.

An hour can be split into two 1/2 hour sessions or done as an hour session.

Sessions are done via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.


Free photo analysis with a 1 hour Zoom consultation! Send us an e-mail ( with photos of you in front, back, and side poses attached and Frank Zane will give you a personalized fitness and nutrition evaluation.

Zoom Consultation

(1 Hour)


Zoom Consultation

(1/2 Hour)



Sign up today for a 1 ½ hours, one-on-one, posing seminar with the legendary poser, Frank Zane himself.

You’ll learn to highlight your strong-points while minimizing your weaknesses.

You’ll learn to hit the mandatory poses and develop a winning posing routine for your contest.

You’ve worked hard to develop your physique, now learn how to best showcase your efforts!

Personal Posing Experience

(1 ½ Hours)



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