Lots has been happening in Zane world lately.  We have a new web person who is helping me do things I’ve been unable to in the past.   We now accept Paypal on website orders and as a result we’ve been getting more response.  We’ve also just put my Mind in Bodybuilding book on Amazon.com for Kindle readers.  I got one of these several weeks ago and now have over 100 of my most important books loaded on to it, it’s the wave of the future.  Go to this Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00642K65M  to learn more about the book.
Right now we are putting the 2010 issues of Building the Body quarterly on Kindle as well, these issues should be available in a few weeks,  Then, every few weeks thereafter, more back issues will go up, it’s a chance to read those back issues you missed all the way back 10 years or so.  I’ve located about 38 issues on CD and will be formatting them for publication.
The Autumn 2011 issue of Building the Body quarterly will be mailing to subscribers starting November 18th.  After the next issue (Winter 2011) is published, the four 2011 issues will be made available on Kindle, the price for each Kindle issue will be $4.99.

My training is going very well, weighting about 180 and growing more muscle training three times a week.  If you are a Zane Experience graduate and would like to join me for workouts at noon Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays email me at zane0001@aol.com for details

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