By working with Frank in a Zane Zoom Program, you get a rare opportunity to be personally trained by a legendary bodybuilding champion and fitness icon who was named “The Best Physique Ever” by Muscle & Fitness Magazine and came as close as you can to physical perfection.

In his Zane Programs, Frank uses his proprietary L.E.A.R.N. Bodybuilding Equation coupled with his 91 Day Wonder Body Program to provide you with an individually tailored Zane Experience designed to get you in top shape and help you meet your specific body development goals and/or competitive goals.

The Amazing Transformation of Dr. Joe Metzka!

Joe, at the time age 47, has a very busy life as a new father, a band member of his own blues band,,,, and a psychology professor.  He wanted to get into shape for a new album he had coming out and was willing to do the work. He met with me via Zoom on a monthly basis to get guidance in his nutrition and training. I would tell his what I thought his next steps should be and ways to tweak his program so he could get the best results. Joe is the type of student I love. He trusted me and followed my advice. He got in such great shape that he decided he wanted to enter a bodybuilding contest. This gave him even more incentive to train hard. He did great and won!  Ironman Magazine is going to have an article that features him in early 2024. I think he is a true inspiration to everyone. Here are some photos showing just a part of his journey: The first photo is on Day 1. The second and third photo are on Day 27. The photos with the guitar are on Day 91 of the 91 Day Wonder Body Program. Photos by:

Photography by Ces White, for IDex Media and HeroFit Photography Onstage photos by Doug Howell, for Howell Portraits

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A phone consultation with Frank Zane is the next best thing to being there. Imagine having Frank Zane as your coach and mentor!! Frank will do the sessions via Zoom, Face-time, Skype or audio. Your choice. This is a great way to get started and motivated and also to have him personally monitor your progress.

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