Build Lower Lats

Build Lower Lats

Back development has always been a priority with me.  You can’t see your back because it’s in back of you so it’s conditioning is taken for granted.  But unless you train back in a special way your future for good v taper is in danger of never happening.   Here’s why:

Upper lats aren’t that hard to develop, I rely on front pull-down with a wide neutral grip, pulling the bar down to touch my upper pecs and then letting it slowly back to a non-lockout position.  Stopping before lockout keeps the pump centered in the upper lats.  Going to lockout activates the deltoids which is OK but if you want more lat stimulation (after all you are working lats) then try non lockout pull-downs.

Then there’s the low central lat area and for that some kind of rowing is necessary.  The key here is to get a low stretch on the negative part of the movement, rounding your back as you stretch deep down with back parallel to the floor.  If you keep your back arched while stretching downward you will not develop a nice rounded sweeping curve to the low central lats.

I prefer low cable row or leverage row with a long bar stuck in a corner using small diameter plates so I can get a good range of motion to the movement.  Both of these exercises are more user friendly than bent over barbell row.  I use a neutral grip making it easy of the elbows.

An upper lat exercise like front pull-down and lower lat movement such as leverage row are two basic exercises for complete lat development if you do them correctly.  The just out Autumn 2015 issue of Building the Body Quarterly has a nice article on How to Build the Lat Spread based on the points mentioned.  Check it out.