Building the Body Spring 2012


The Spring 2012 issue of Building the Body quarterly arrived last night from our printer and we will be mailing it out to subscribers over the next few days.

In this issue:

Arnold Expo 2012  
results of competitions and Frank impressions, it was a huge event.


Getting Back to Training—my progress and workouts to date.


Innovative Fitness Gear — discoveries made at Arnold Expo, we’ve been using this stuff in our workouts.


Alumni Workouts—Now those who have done a Zane Experience program in the past can train with me in my regular workouts.  Learn how.


There’s  Nothing  Random  About a Masterpiece — the value of traditional training explained by master trainer Larry Kay.


My E Book Reading List — Paper books are becoming a thing of the past, here’s my library.


E mail Questions and Answers to the most interesting Emails.


The Posing Clinic took place in April at the Zane Experience Gym in San Diego and taught valuable points of physique presentation.  Read all about it.


 Bodybuilding a Path to Enlightenment?  Or is it just about building big muscles?


Frankly Speaking — Here’s what I think.