Building the Body Spring 2013 issue

The Spring 2013 issue of Building the Bodyquarterly will be mailed to subscribers the weekend of My 11th.  Lots of great photos in this issue starting with what happened at


1.  The 2013 Arnold Expo in Columbus Ohio


2  What ‘Letting Go’ really means and how it can help your training.


3.  How to Relax – Learn how Frank dissolves muscular tension in a moment.


4. Super Foods – Here’s the best fruits and vegetable in order of excellence.


5. Nice Pecs – Programs Frank has used to better pec development.


6. Are You Amortal? It means pursuing a lifestyle that defies the process of ageing.  Take this simple test and find out.


7. Joe Weider Memorial – April 14th was the Joe Weider memorial service in Santa Monica where Frank performed the tribute song he wrote for Joe.


8. Symmetry through the Ages – tells how to stay symmetrical your whole life.


9. The Right Angle – is a V bar chin/dip/knee up attachment that fits into the Leg Blaster rack which, along with the Leg Blaster turn  the unit into a Total Body Blaster.


10. Total Body Blaster Workout Routine – Here’s how to train your entire body on this unique space saving device.


That’s all till next issue,