Building the Body

I’d like to thank all the people who have followed my surgical recovery and wished me well.  It’s is now 7 months after shoulder replacement surgery and the rehab is going better all the time.  Christine and I are training upper body on Mondays and Thursdays, legs on Tuesdays and Fridays and it’s going great.  I’m making gains gradually and nothing hurts!
The winter issue of Building the Body Quarterly Magazine has been published and is now being printed.  We expect to do the mailing by the end of January.  This issue features some of the best color photos I’ve ever taken.  One week before the 1979 Mr. Olympia Christine captured my condition which might be my best shape ever.  You can decide as these photos appear in full color on the front, back, and inside covers.  With inside information about what really went down, this Winter issue makes for very interesting reading.  Articles include:
Arnold – What’s he really like?  I’ve known Arnold Schwarzenegger for over 40 years and have shared in some unique experiences.  Read all about them.
What do ya bench?  How much bench pressing should you do?  How should you do them?  What’s the best use for this popular exercise?
Rest between Sets?  How long you rest between sets depends upon what you are after.  Want more definition?  Rest less but it will affect your strength.  Want more size?  Rest longer so you can recover enough to use more weight on successive sets.
Jim Phillips’ 50 Year Old Body.  After doing a Zane Experience program Jim got into the best shape of his life and won some contests.  Read what it was like.
James Pencola – survived a devastating auto crash, spent months in a coma, learned to walk, talk, eat, move all over again, and is now a certified personal trainer.
Proportion – is the blending of all developed bodyparts into a pleasing overall picture.  It’s what most people mistakenly refer to symmetry.  Perfect proportion is a life long quest and is the most important physique goal a bodybuilder can have.
Q & A – We get lots of interesting email and here’s the best of it.
My Diet –  Here’s my complete eating and supplement program comprising my current nutritional program and why I’m dieting this way.
The Lifetime Fitness Average – Master trainer Larry Kay explains why the fitness average taken over your whole lifetime is much more important than a few physical peaks reached in training for competitions.
The Zane Trainer – Starting this year I am teaching a new personal trainer certification program.  It is the only program that offers one to one hands on instruction with me in my private San Diego gym. Completion of this course teaches you everything you need to know to help beginners make progress.  You can be a Zane Trainer!
Mr. Olympia 1982 – Read all about what happened in London competing at my heaviest ever bodyweight.  What could I have done better?
Feedback – Knowledge of results is essential for ongoing motivation.  Photos are the best way to develop an awareness of what you look like so you can take the right steps to do something constructive about it.
Dreaming in Ernest – See if you can interpret this provocative dream.  What does it all mean?
Just Being Frank – Subscribe to Building the Body with a friend and get an extra issue, that’s right 5 issues instead of 4.  Help us grow and spread the word about sensible bodybuilding.  Only $24 a year or 2 years for $40.  Call 800-323-7537 to subscribe or use the order form online at https://frankzane.com/.