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Dave Draper featured in Building the Body Winter Issue!

Hot off the press this issue is one of my very favorites because it features a great from the Golden Age, Dave Draper.  His photos grace front and back covers and they are testament to the awesome unique look he developed.  Plus Dave writes about his current training and it is brilliant and hilarious.  Hunter Labrada contributes an article about his training and Fernandez wins his first contest.  Interesting writing and lots of great photos include:

Draper’s Back – Dave describes how he used his favorite exercise to build his phenomenal back and Zane compares it to what worked best for him.

Muscles are Forever is Draper’s article on his current training and it is one of the most entertaining pieces I’ve ever read.

The Bomber is a song I wrote about a workout I had with Dave in the early 1970s.

Fernandez wins Contest finally he takes the first place trophy on his third try.  His story of persistence and dedication tells how he did it.

The Contest Thing – It’s getting ridiculous, on one hand men are attracted to wearing Bermuda shorts onstage in physique contests.  They think better this than freaky muscle shows.

Freaky Muscle Shows – at the other extreme is walking flexing mountains of muscle beyond belief, a spectacle to be sure but who wants to look like that?  Some people do but they aren’t reading this.

Building the Body back issues are available and you can get these collectors items at a package discount.

Hunter Labrada is carrying on the tradition and reputation established by his father Lee Labrada.  With his  genetics and coaching he’ll go far, read about how he  got started and his training.

The Neutral Grip means palms facing each other and when  used in pulling (rowing, pulldown) movements helped me overcome elbow injury.

Around the World is a dumbbell exercise I used in my earliest workouts to bring out my lat and chest development.

Under the Sentence of Rehab is what I’ve been through the last few months following rotator cuff surgery, I’m making progress healing gradually.

Letters and Email pose interesting questions and comments about training and sleeping.

Weighted Ab Work is the best way to thicken and bring out the lower abs but be careful not to thicken the lateral obliques.

Mantra Meditation offers power phrases which can facilitate desired motivational and relaxation benefits through high repetition.

Artificial Sweeteners have been shown in recent research to raise blood sugar levels that can lead to obesity.

Nutrition for Healing is all about my nutritional program of food and supplements to help me heal. It’s working!

Frankly Speaking has a neat photo of one of Christine’s paintings and news about special prices to BTB subscribers on the fresh batch of Egg White Perfection just in from the lab.