Our lives are shaped by our minds.

“Our lives are shaped by our minds. We become what we think”. The Buddha was right on when he spoke this 2500 years ago. Action follows thought. What we think leads to what we say leads to what we do. So, it is important to think the right thoughts to elicit the right behaviors. Start by observing what you are thinking about from time to time. Most people are on automatic as their internal dialog or self-talk is influenced by everything but their intention. Realizing this I spend much of my day repeating a mantra to myself. It crowds out negative thinking. A good one is “I have already won” or broken down into four beats becomes
All red ee won. I said this millions of times before I won my Olympia titles and it enabled me to think, look, and act like the winner onstage. I did not let my mind ramble on by itself, I took control by saying something positive to myself. What is your intention? You will be successful when you make your dream become everyone else’s reality.