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Repetition by Frank Zane

There are three ways that people remember.

What’s remembered is enhanced by:

  1. What is first presented
  2. What is last presented
  3. Repetition

What are they and why do they facilitate memory? The first presentation is the first impression made by an expecting mind and if it is something unexpected (e.g. ‘shocking’) it will stick in memory. It also is better remembered because we have opportunity to repeat it to ourselves more frequently.

What is last presented sticks in our minds because it is the last impression made, this is called the recency effect. Both first and last impressions are repeated in our minds and it is this repetition that helps us remember.

Repetition is the basis of learning. We count repetitions of each set we do in our workouts to keep track of the effort we exerted.

By knowing how many reps we can do with a particular weight enables us to choose our poundages on each set we perform.

Keeping track of the weights, sets, and reps is how we can ascertain how we are progressing in our workouts. If you are getting stronger, you are growing muscle providing the strength. Increases are made with good form and not cheating on exercises.

My 91 Day Wonder Body program provides you with space for you to log your workout and record your progress each and every day for 91 Days.

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