Return from Arnold Expo

Arriving home early Tuesday morning (3 AM due to flight re-routing) I’m sufficiently recovered from the massive expo (close to 200,000 attended) to say something about it.  Friday was a big day at the trade show and Saturday was even bigger.  I didn’t get to see the physique competitions since our 2 piece band was booked to play at the Hyatt Capital Square Saturday night.  With Dave Bott on keyboards and me playing various harmonicas, we did instrumentals for an hour.  Arnold showed up toward the end and we caught up briefly on the past year.  We recorded the music and I’m going to get started editing it as soon as I get more caught up with publishing.  Sunday was a relatively quiet day at the expo after a mad house of activity on Friday and Saturday.  I’m putting the Spring 2011 issue of Building the Body quarterly together now; watch for a detailed write up of the weekend.