Summer 2012 issue of Building the Body

The Summer 2012 issue of Building the Body Quarterly has arrived and will be mailed over the weekend.  It’s an interesting issue with lots of great photos.  Designed to provide ongoing motivation, BTB is available to new subscribers for $24 a year in US, $26.28 in CA., $30 in Canada and Mexico, and $35 overseas.  Love the cover!


In this issue:


My Favorite Super Sets – describes the best combinations I’ve found for getting a fantastic pump.


Life’s a Beach – why I build my own beach.


The Amazing Progress of Kirk Steffke – he completely transformed his physique in less than one year!


Are You a Hard Gain? There really is no such thing if you get feedback on your progress.


My 70th Birthday – Felt  like my 69th birthday. Except that training is going much better.


Symmetry– My newest book will be published before the end of 2012.


Email – some cogent points brought up by readers.


Interesting research on genes, citrus extract, vitamin D, improving vision with stem cells, Tai Chi, obesity and cancer, dark chocolate and coffee benefits.


Leg Blaster and Pulley Squats are the least injury prone ways to do this exercise.


Listening and Learning – via Dichotics and musical training.


Workout Songs help establish motivational internal dialog and help you get psyched for your workout.


Bodybuilding and Yoga – an insightful interview with Frank where he explains the motivation underlying it all.


Special offers on goods and services.