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Some people think I mean steroids when I use the word supplements, but this is not true. I’m referring to vitamin, mineral, enzyme, and amino acid supplements. These supplements are concentrated nutrients found in foods. For a bodybuilder who is in serious training and on a caloric restricted diet, it is a challenge to get enough nutrition from food alone. Some take vitamin and mineral capsules which is a necessity but beyond that free-form amino acids are what’s really needed. Why? To build muscle you need adequate protein intake, usually one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. But this is not always possible especially if the diet is poor. Taking amino acids gives you nutrients that are the product of protein assimilation; nutrients in their final form are ready to be absorbed into the bloodstream. They contain next to zero calories and give maximum nutrition. So a bodybuilder can take a maximum amount of amino acids without increasing calories.

This means maximum muscle growth without unwanted extra calories. I take amino acid capsules, not tablets because they are immediately digested after the gelatin capsule containing them dissolves in your stomach. I take them before or between meals, followed by a small amount of carbohydrate, to supply the insulin release needed to push the aminos into the body’s cells. I’ve been doing this for over 50 years. Before bodybuilding completions and even now long after retiring from completion. I take three Super Sports capsules which are a mixture of sixteen aminos, along with a Vita-Minz Plus capsules. And I do this three times a day, between or before meals. This gives me a total of nine aminos and three vitamin mineral caps.

As I continue to train harder, I up my aminos to 5 capsules, three times a day, along with a total of 5 vitamin mineral caps. It is better than stuffing myself with extra protein, because for one thing, amino caps contain no fat, thereby reducing caloric intake. Plus they work very quickly, immediately entering the blood stream after the capsules dissolve in my stomach. I always did this as I prepared for competition and still do it to this day, except for the fact that I take less amino capsules, more like 9 capsules a day, compared to 30 a day years ago. Since protein requirements increase as you age, older people need to eat more protein. My plan is to make up for eating lots of protein by ingesting free form amino acids instead as I grow older. I suggest you do the same. It is the best thing you can do regarding your diet. By doing this you don’t add the extra calories you’d get from eating extra protein.

The basic program involves taking two products: 3 Super Sports Amino Acid Capsules along with 1 Vita-Minz Minerals cap two or three times a day on an empty stomach between or before meals followed by small amount of carbs.

Phase two involves adding one or two L-Arginine caps to each dose totaling 3 aminos, 3 arginine, Vita-Minz.

Phase three is taking one teaspoon of L-Glutamine before breakfast and two to 3 caps of L-tryptophan before bed with fruit (pineapple slice is very powerful addition) to fall asleep along with one Vita-Minz Plus. Sometimes I take 10 to 20 mg. of melatonin before bed instead of tryptophan. I believe taking supplements on a regular basis will enhance longevity leading better focus and increased calmness throughout the day. Supplements I use are:

  • Liver extract is a 20 times concentration of desiccated liver in liquid form and important source of heme iron and protein.
  • Super Sports Amino acid capsules are the endpoint of protein digestion so taking them in free form boosts my protein nutrient density, without adding extra calories.
  • L Arginine capsules helps release extra growth hormone to spike muscle growth and increase muscular definition.
  • L Tryptophan capsules – I take three of them or three melatonin to insure a deep restful sleep.
  • L Glutamine powder tastes sweet and may help cut carbohydrate cravings. Also other aminos are synthesized from glutamine.
  • Mega Zyme digestive enzymes, two with each meal. I always take these every time I eat to make sure my food is digested properly.
  • Vitamin Mineral capsules are important to insure I’m getting enough vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins. All taken with carbonated water swallowing a few capsules at a time between bites of food. Take your time swallowing them, softening the gelatin capsule for 20 seconds in your mouth before washing them down with carbonated water .