Symmetry Cover
In writing Symmetry I discovered its broader meaning.  I used to think symmetry as it applied to the human body simply meant your left side matches your right.  It does although not exactly and this is called bilateral symmetry, same on each side. I disagreed how judges named round one the ’symmetry’ round.  It was about more than just seeing if the left side matched the right, they were looking for something beyond that, it was more than a match game.


          They were looking for balance, equal development of all bodyparts, overall impressiveness, fluid lines. No one area standing out overshadowing all others, not unbalanced development, not freaky but astounding in developement, all areas in proper size ratios so as to give the impression of balance aesthetics, beauty.     I call this bodybuilding symmetry. 


            I discovered there were different kinds of symmetry beyond bilateral and bodybuilding symmetry. There was perfect symmetry, like a sphere which looks the same from every angle.  There’s the quantum mechanics postulate of super symmetry meaning there’s an exact match for everything that exists somewhere out there in the vastness of the universe(s). It’s really far out.  There’s time symmetry which I found fascinating.  And most importantly is achieving in one’s lifetime internal/external symmetry through the process of mirroring.  Learn how these symmetries apply to building your body in this unique fascinating book.


          Symmetry is my bodybuilding autobiography.  It traces my training back to beginning as a teenager, early competitions, winning Mr. America, the Universes and the Olympias all documented with over 300 photographs.  The workouts, mental attitude, posing and presentation, diet, motivational and energy conservation techniques, all the important stuff is included in my quest to build the perfect body.  It’s the story of how I came to be called Mr. Symmetry.


          Understanding symmetry will help you achieve it and maximize your body’s potential.  It’s all about balance.  224 pages over 300 photos!   Follow Frank’s symmetry in photographs covering over 60 years!
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