Blog 23 Randomized Routine


Blog 23 randomized routine

Randomized Routine

A person who is beginning to train with weights can make immediate progress by
training correctly. Weight training movements are selected that target specific areas when
performed in good form. This means slow rhythmic movements with the negative (when you
return the weight to start) slower than the positive phase of the exercise. Once the exercises are
selected, if one hasn’t trained recently, begin with one set of each exercise for 10 to 12 reps. It’s
important to make the weight feel heavy by employing strict form rather than merely adding
weight and cheating on the movements. The progression could be:
1.Train twice a week, legs one day, upper body the other day. Stay on this program for as long
as you are making progress. After a while, however, if you keep doing the same routine your
body will get accustomed to it and cease to respond, reaching a sticking point. At this point it’s a
good idea to step up your workouts:
2.Train three times a week on a three way split routine, working the pulling muscles (back,
biceps, forearms) on day one, legs (thighs, calves) day two, and pushing muscles (chest,
shoulders, triceps) on day three. A good schedule is train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.
3.Train on the 5 day cycle with the three way split routine. This means you take 5 days to
train the whole body using the above three workouts as follows: train day one, rest day two, train
day three, train day 4, rest day 5, repeat cycle. This program works great for someone getting
into shape but you are not training on the same days from week to week; it takes 5 weeks for the
program to come around to the same place it started if you don’t miss a workout. Even though
this kind of sequencing is randomized from week to week, the 5 day cycle only works well if you
can work out any day of the week. Some can’t as they may be locked into a regular weekly
schedule. If you are consider the 5,5,4 day cycle:
4.Begin the 5, 5, 4 routine.
This is the randomized routine. It is a routine (a program you repeat) and is randomized
(following an irregular pattern).
Here’s how the workouts arrange themselves over a two week period if Monday is your day off
Tuesday day pulling muscles, Wednesday rest, Thursday legs, Friday pushing muscles, Saturday
rest, Sunday pull, Monday rest, Tuesday legs, Wednesday push, Thursday rest, Friday pull,
Saturday legs, Sunday push, Monday Rest. This covers 14 days and then repeats.
This pattern recurs exactly in the same manner every two weeks if you do not miss a
scheduled workout. First, pick a day that you would always like to have off. I’d pick Mondays
because gyms are most crowded on this day. You will always have this day off so pick your
favorite day to always not train. You will train nine times in two weeks and have 5 rest days.
Then the same pattern repeats: same pattern every two weeks which is a good time interval to
review your training and even take photos of your progress which you will be making
Because it is randomized your body will not adapt to it easily. Because it is a routine you
have something to practice (exercises and stretches) to become skilled at. You combine both
varieties with focus. This program can be done for an indefinite period of time. And you should
make good progress on it if you are ready for it.