Build Your Arms!


Build Your Arms is a Kindle digital reader download available at . This arm course contains complete instruction on biceps, triceps, and forearm exercises with photos of each exercise and stretches between sets. Now you can Build Your Arms for a lifetime and you don’t need a lot of equipment. A bench with an adjustable set of dumbbells and barbell would get you started and well along in the program. Add an overhead and lower pulley, EZ curl bar, dip bars, gripper, incline bench and that’s all you need for the advanced routine. . You can do the programs at home or at commercial gym. There’s the beginning program needing only barbell, bench and dumbbells, the intermediate programs using overhead pulley and EZ curl bar, and the advanced program adding a gripper and incline bench. This course even gives you super set combinations using the exercises described and illustrated. Even if you don’t have the arm training equipment you find in a commercial gym you can easily do the program at home with a minimum of equipment. As a matter of fact training for Mr. Olympia summer of 1976 my arms got better than ever training them twice a week using only one dumbbell and 2 triceps 2 biceps/forearm exercises.

With this kind of arm instruction on your reader, tablet or laptop you can easily follow the program referring to the illustration and description of each exercise as you do it. Build Your Arms makes it easy!