Building the Body mags on Kindle

We now have 8 issues posted on Amazon.com as Kindle editions, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter issuesof Building the Body quarterly for 2010 and 2009  click on http://bit.ly/7DdBD4.  Also my Mind in Bodybuilidng course is posted as well, click on  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00642K65M.  We will be publishing 2008 soon along with 2007 with plans of getting all issues back to 2000 or so in the next month(s).

I’m getting ready to travel back to the Masters Pro Mr. World in Miami next week.  Spoke with Samir Bannout on the phone recently and will check out his posing when I get to Miami, he says he’s in great shape and considers Dexter Jackson his main compettion.  I’d add Ron Coleman to the list and it should be an interesting contest.  I’m really looking forward to see what these guys over 40 look like.  I’ll be doing a signing of my new book High Def Body on Saturday December 10th during the morning and afternoon at the Eden Roc hotel in Miami and hope to see you there.

My training is going well, still training three times a week and gradually getting in better and better shape.  Aside from a sore elbow which i’m doing therapy for (ultra sound, ice, and using Salon Pas patches during workouts) the body is shaping up and should be in peak form by summer.

All the best,