Building the Body Winter issue

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful new year and your training is going well.  The Winter 2011 issue of Building the Body is being mailed to subscribers on February 1st and 2nd.  Interesting articles include:

1. My Kindle – If you don’t have an e reader think about getting one.  I did several months ago and now I’m carrying around a library of my favorite 120 books.  And we now have 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 issues of Building the Body available from Amazon as Kindle editions with Barnes and Noble Nook to follow..


2. An Interview – is one of the most accurate I’ve done, they got the facts right and you can read about it in this issue.


3. Kicking Back is about the value of dumbbell kickbacks for shaping and defining the triceps and it’s value in healing elbow injuries.


4. Masters Mr. World contest was held December 10th in Miami, Florida,  I was there and it was no surprise that Dexter Jackson won the 100K first prize.  Read all about it.


5.  Emotion and Health – Recent research has found that heart focused, sincere, positive feeling states boost the immune system while negative emotions may suppress the immune response for up to six hours following and emotional experience.


6. The Success of Chad Brandt  Just by studying and following instructions in my High Def Body and Workouts books and DVD, Chad got in the best shape of his life.  See his amazing progress photos.


7.  Email about nutrition – Here’s what’s been working best for me and my clients.


8. New Zane Experience 2012 rates  This is a good year to do a 1, 2, or 3 day Zane Experience, rates have been lowered as an economic incentive.


9. The Psychology of Possibility  Learn how going to failure in your workouts can lead to learned helplessness: failure leads to pessimism which leads to depression.  Here’s how to overcome this vicious cycle.


10. Advantages of 1, 2, 3 and 4 sets per exercise is a valuable guide as to when you should do more sets.  It works!


11. Crooked Calf Raises – by pointing toes in a specific direction you can work inner head of one calf and outer head of the other at the same time and change the shape of your calf development over time.


12.  Body by Play by Roshi Ken O’Neill is a fascinating exposition on how to experience the joy of training.


13.  Frankly Speaking  Bodybuilder and photographer Bob Delmontique a long time friend, client, and advisor recently passed away at age 92.  We will miss him.