Building the Body Spring 2011

The Spring 2011 issue of Building the Body just arrived from the printer and we are mailing it out over the next few days.  It’s a little late but worth the wait.  Here are the contents:
  1. Arnold Expo 2011 in Columbus, Ohio was bigger than ever, read about what went on.
  2. The Joy of Training Light – Not the best way to grow bigger muscles, nevertheless doing higher reps with lighter weights and slower negatives gets the blood pumping and tones the muscles and is the best way to ease back into regular more intensive training.
  3. The Wrong Turn – Master trainer Larry Kay explains how bodybuilding ended up in it’s current position.  It’s an interesting analysis.
  4. High Def Body is the title of my new book which combines and updates Zane Body Training Manual and High Def  Handbook (both of these are going out of print as our supply is almost sold out).
  5. Accelerate Healing of Injuries by Larry Scott gives great advice on how to heal quickly based on the first Mr. Olympia’s training experience.
  6. Love My Gym – I’ve built several gyms over the years, all under 1000 square feet, here’s the equipment and why I like my present gym best of all.
  7. Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico was where I became motivated to start weight training.
  8. Weightlifting for Kids?  — How old must a kid be to start weight training?  New evidence suggests a younger beginning.
  9. Being Jack La Lanne – His passing left big shoes to fill.  I was enjoyed meeting and working with him.  Here are some his favorite sayings.
  10. Ernest Chants the Warrior Syllables – What are they and what’s the benefit of chanting?
  11. Frankly Speaking – About to leave for Tribeca Film Festival, read the details in Summer issue coming out in July.
This issue is graced by beautiful color covers taken in Marina del Rey by the late Artie Zeller in 1972, one week before the NABBA professional Mr. Universe which I was fortunate enough to win.  Building the Body is distributed by subscription: $24 a year, 26.28 in California, $30 in Canada and Mexico, $35 overseas.  Subscribe and receive a 10% discount on food supplements.  It’s a unique publication, no paid advertising, just honest training advice.  Subscribe now!