Building the Body Winter Issue


The Winter 2012 edition of Building the Body quarterly is being printed as I write this and we expect to be mailing it the week of February 4th. This is a special issue since I am not on the cover.  Instead is Fernandez my student and training partner for the past year.  When I met him he was 220 pounds at 5′ 4″, strong and fat.  At age 50 he recently competed in his first contest in over 20 years making incredible improvement in his year of training with me.  I am especially proud because he did exactly as I told him and sometimes even more on his own.  The result is the transformation at 165 pounds on the cover of this issue.  Here’s what’s in this issue:
1. Fernandez Rizing – See his amazing before and after photos and read his story.


 2. The Calf Blaster – How many calf blocks does a gym need? At least two.  How many do most gyms have?  None.  Now you can get Frank’s signature calf blaster with a special price if you own a Leg Blaster. 


 3. Calf Blasting Routine – Try this program using a minimum of equipment to develop great calves.


 4. Secrets of a Small Muscular Waistline – Here is a program you can do to shrink your waistline and improve your abs.


 5. Training Goals for 2013 – Here we go again.  Learn what Frank plans to do with his body this year.


 6. Sergio Olivapasses away at age 71, he was one of a kind.


 7. The Legend of Freddie Ortiz whose greatness infuenced FZ in the 1960s.


 8. Spiritual Renewal in San Diego – Frank’s successful book signing and musical performance.


 9.  Climbing and Floating – Kirk learns how climbing develops calves and how floating deeply relaxes.


 10. Training with a Lower Back Injury – Master trainer Larry Kay gives a back routine that enables you to improve back development without re-injury.


 11. Think Fenugreek – We’ve been making practically miraculous gains from taking Fenugreek.  What else does it do?


 12.  The Best Supplements – Here’s a list and description.


 13. Frankly Speaking – Christine’s beautiful abstract watercolor paintings grace our outside rear and inside front covers.



            This is a great issue.  You can subscribe for $24 a year (4 issues postpaid) in USA, $26.28 in California, $30 in Canada and Mexico, 35 Overseas.  Go to www.frankzane1.wpenginepowered.com for details.