Frank Zane at Almost 72

For the last couple of months I’ve been training regularly three times a week with Fernandez, doing my new Let’s Grow routine with everything right to make gains.  Not attending Arnold Expo this year saved me a lot of energy which I’ve channeled into training.   I’m getting a tremendous pump in my workouts, check out this shot take after Tuesday’s workout.
When I’m not training, eating, or sleeping I’m writing my next book Let’s Grow.  It’s all about how to train, eat, relax and think to grow muscle and a positive attitude.  It features my new three way split routine, is very detailed, just finished the rough draft and I’m shooting for publication in early May.  Watch for it.  Already have lots of pre-order requests from Building the Body quarterly subscribers.  This routine is doing it for me, at age almost 72  I’m growing muscle.  Who knew!
Still growing,
Frank Zane