Protein and Amino Acids

Egg whites have become so popular on the McDonald’s menu that they have created an egg albumen shortage due to their great demand. We’ve been out of protein for months, so what to do? In this time of protein supplement shortages, it’s gratifying to know that you can always take amino acids. There are advantages to including aminos in your supplement program.

A protein drink is a meal replacement where you get protein, carbs, some fats, fiber, you sip it slowly and your body digests it like a meal. A protein drink is a convenient way to get the effect of eating something by drinking it. You can swallow vitamins and minerals with it too.

Amino acids however are the end result of protein digestion and the easiest way to increase nutrient density in your diet without adding significant calories. Each free form amino acid capsule contains 5 to 6 times as much nitrogen as an equal amount of protein powder. Nitrogen is what differentiates protein from carbohydrate and protein is the only nutrient than builds muscle.

We have a new source of egg albumen for our Cutting Edge Egg White Proteinand it has been reformulated with sunflower seed lecithin, a fat emulsifier. XYZ supplement perfectionis being reformulated too and we expect to have both product available for shipment in 4 to 5 weeks. I’d like to thank our protein customers for being patient.

The good news is that my training is going very well and I’m seeing muscular development I haven’t seen in years. Prior surgeries have been rehabed and I’m relatively pain free except for soreness the day following a workout. Training three times a week works perfectly for me and the extra rest between workouts have allowed me time to keep growing. The Autumn 2013 issue of Buildingthe Bodyquarterly is just about finished and I’ll be sending it to the printer this week, so watch for it by mid October.

All the best in your training,