Building the Body Autumn 2013 issue


The Autumn 2013 issue of Building the Body quarterly is being mailed the weekend of October 19th.  With interesting articles and new photos it contains:

1. Autumn is Peaking Time – seasonal training is part of my yearly training cycle and even though I’ve long stop competing I still do my best to reach peak condition each autumn.  My target date is the first week in December.
2. Pump and Circumstance explains how to get a pump, different kinds of pumps, and wy it is essential for progress.
3. Pumping Super Sets – A pump is a swell feeling in your muscles.  Try these unique super sets for maximum effect.
4. Gaining Weight – Do not be in such a hurry to gain weight that you ruin your symmetry and proportions.  Weight gained quickly goes primarily to big muscle groups like thighs, butt, pecs – all centrally located.  Building mass to extremities like calves and forearms helps with a more aesthetic  look.
5. How to Squat – Here’s how to make shapely gains without hurting yourself.
6. From Mice to Men is a psychologist observation of the modern male.
7. Protein or Amino Acids?  How do they work and what’s the best to take?
8. Eat This – a recommendation for eating a nutrient dense diet.
9. What’s Anti-Aging?  Is there such a thing?  A prominent longevity scientist tells why there is.
10. Reliving the 70s – It was a glorious time and I’m using it to motivate my training in my 70s.
11. Why Use Light Weights? – It’s necessary some of the time, learn why and how.
12.  Fernandez Updated– After training him for two years he’s made lots of progress and place second in his latest master’s competition.
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