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Happy Holidays!

I am not happy that XYZ Supplement Perfection will no longer be available.
The high cost of the many different ingredients and the difficulty in obtaining them in proper quantities make production possible.  However our Egg White protein is still available at the same price even though costs have risen almost 25%.  I’ve been taking one protein drink per day using 4 heaping tablespoons of Egg White with one teaspoon w pure L-Glutamine powder before workouts (with a piece of fruit) for a tremendous energy boost resulting in a fantastic pump. 
Training was going really well up until a week ago when I had dental surgery.  Had to temporarily change my eating habits to easily chewable food, so I used it as an opportunity to eat less (more protein drinks) while I healed.  Got back into training after a 5 day layoff using a new workout.  It’s perfect for off season maintenance training where I specialization on weak points.  The new workout is a two way split routine working back of body on Tuesday and front of body on Saturday.  On three other days I do 40 minutes of stationary bike for a total of 2 hours aerobics a week (more than I’ve been doing).  This routine will help me stay lean over the holidays.  More about this program in next issue of Building the Body coming out in January.
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Happy Holidays,