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Building the Body – Autumn 2014

Building the Body Autumn 2014 will be mailed the week of September 29th.  If you are tired of reading muscle mags containing over 75% paid advertising telling you the mastodons pictured within built all that muscle taking the supplements they sell, then our quarterly publication is for you.  It’s filled with useful information on training, nutrition, and bodybuilding psychology that you can realistically use to enhance your bodybuilding lifestyle. BTB is dedicated to promoting the physiques of the ‘Golden Age’ of bodybuilding, those of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.  Steve Reeves, Larry Scott have already been featured, Dave Draper is scheduled for the Winter issue coming out in January, and this issue presents Lee Labrada.  Check it out, you’ll be refreshingly surprised.  There is no paid advertising from outside sources and it is filled with great photographs.  Look at what’s in this issue:
Lee Labrada graces the covers of this issue along with fantastic photos inside of this great champion who should have won Mr. Olympia in the late 1980s.  Now in his mid 50s and in shape  comparable to his competitive years, Lee explains his motivation, current training and diet.
Fist Pump?  Everyone’s heard of a fist bump, but what in the world is a fist pump?  It’s Frank’s last resort to keep training under adversity.  Find out how.
Randomized Routine is the ultimate in muscle confusion while still maintaining the semblance of a regular routine.  Utilizing the three way split there is a way to keep your body guessing and improving by this workout plan. 
Sulfur Bearing Amino Acids are methionine, cystine, and cysteine.  They have important functions in the body such as building immunity and creating healthy skin and hair.
Breathe is about how Frank does breathing exercises to improve his endurance through breath control.  This is important for mastering posing as well as stress management and deep relaxation.  Find out how he does this by combining deep breathing with visualization.
Walking Lake Murray is what Frank, Christine and their dog Bob do almost every evening.  A fast paced 45 minute walk is keeping them in great shape.
Intermittent Fasting is an enlightening article by Fred Duncan explaining how staying hungry longer is both good for you as well as a way to increase muscular definition.
Fernandez Fasting tells how my training partner used intermittent fasting eating one day to satisfaction and fasting the following day has helped him get in shape for an upcoming competition.  You’ll find out how he did in the next issue.
Ralph Conan is a 78 year old bodybuilder who is enthusiastic and still at it.  His resolve is motivation for those who feel they are too old to work out seriously.
Fishing for Turkey explains how Frank has modified the meat eating part of his diet by choosing food that don’t inhibit peristalsis.
Glycine Water is Frank’s latest innovation, i.e. to use Glycine as a sweetener.  It is the simplest amino acid and the body uses it to make other aminos.  It is present in large amounts in muscle tissue and taking it can insure against muscle loss.  It is sweeter than other gluconeogenic aminos (alanine, glutamine, proline) and can help you eliminate artificial sweeteners.
Photochemical Nutrients are chemical compounds that occur in plants that have biological properties than nourish the body.  We have a convenient method for insuring you get these essential nutrients.
New Workout Courses for digital download.  Go to to get info on my latest Kindle courses for download to your tablet or laptop, they are Build Your Arms and Get Great Abs.  Coming up are Build your CalvesExpand your chest, Develop Impressive Deltoids, Grow V Shaped Lats, Develop Your Thighs, and the Art of Posing.
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